ROSEWOOD GIFTS 'Themed Power Bracelets'
ROSEWOOD GIFTS'Themed Power Bracelets'


"Offering the potentiality beyond your wildest dreams

for Health, Wealth and Happiness"


'Power for life' is a series of twelve inspirational, uplifting books. Written for those who can enjoy that amazing feeling of being 'connected', or for those that are just curious about Gemstones and Crystals, Astrology and Birthstones, Crystal Dowsing and Healing, then this compilation of all twelve 'Power for Life' series of books are ideal for you.

Includes an Adult section of Gemstones and Crystals


A very easy to understand book into the exploration of the the Mystical, magical world of

Gemstones and Crystals


"You can wish, hope, pray and worry yourself sick until you are a hundred years old but if you don't understand the 'Law of Right Thinking' you you will always be like a ship at sea without stabilisers, just bobbing along, being knocked from pillar to post, having to take life as it comes, believing that nothing you can do can change it.

Dear Robert,

Thank you for the research that you have done to produce a great little book (Astrology the Secret Code) which has helped to settle many arguments. I am religious education teacher in a Catholic school, a practising Catholic with a degree in history and philosophy. I have been made to feel guilty about my interest in Astrology and crystals because of my faith, but you have given me some fantastic tools to argue my corner.         MARY

What a wonderful afternoon you treated us all to! Your talk was very enlightening, full of interest, humorous, and light-hearted, and there were such lovely items to purchase. We were all talking about your visit many days later, and I've been able to pass on your details to others ... ...                                            M.U. Group Yorkshire U.K

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