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This was a first. Moira and I were invited to join the "Ladies Who Lunch" at the Oulton Hall Spar Hotel, Rothwell, Leeds. The food and service were truly exceptional. I was the Guest Speaker and over 100 ladies attended and heard my talk on gemstones and crystals. We had a most enjoyable day.




This may be of interest; because, if you have an audience, and regularly have guest speakers then I would love to have the chance to entertain your group by telling them a humorous story. It's both intriguing and educational, about the worlds love and fascination for natural gemstones and crystals. My talk usually lasts for around fifty five minutes and is not only educational but insperational as well.


It's certainly different! I am the author of a series of 12 mini-books, collectively known as 'Power for Life' based on and around the mysteries and the science associated with gemstones and crystals. Over 150,000 books are already in print. The good news is there is no charge for my presentations; however I do ask for a little towards my expenses. The reason for no charge is that I always include an excellent display of inexpensive gemstone and crystal gifts, books and jewellery and any sales afterwards help towards the cost of putting on these 'shows'. Plus I often get further bookings from them.


If a Gemstone and Crystal 'Road Show' is of interest, then just email me a contact name and address and I will gladly send you a free info pack.


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It's fun, FREE and very entertaining, a talk and a display

Read what others have said ...

A beautiful display ...

 A fascinating talk ...

  It was really entertaining ...

   Certainly gave me 'food for thought' ...

    I can highly recommend it ...

     Well researched and presented ...

      Much better than I had expected ...

       I loved the stories ...

        The pictures were fascinating ...

         A gifted speaker - highly recommended ...


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A typical testimonial:-

On behalf of the hospice support group may I say a huge thank you for your interesting talk on gemstones and crystals. Everyone enjoyed the evening and we raised £87.40 for the hospice funds

A.N Secretary.





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