ROSEWOOD GIFTS 'Themed Power Bracelets'
ROSEWOOD GIFTS'Themed Power Bracelets'


Although there's no basis in science for luck, and maybe luck is only an illusion of control, but control is what we try to seek in a random world. Lucky talismans, charms, amulets and 'themed' power bracelets can give the owner a sense of preparedness, a feeling of control and encourage a more positive outlook on life, which in itself may give us that 'edge', an extra push to help improve our life, and change it for the better.


"Our journey through life is all about personal empowerment and the freedom of choice, and what we can do with it. Be prepared, with a little help, you won't be surprised when positive changes start to com.

An extract from my book:- BK9 Lucky Gemstone and Crystal Talisman, Charms and Amulets. 

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