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Gemstones & Crystals

PLEASE NOTE :- The following information is not authoritive, but a fluid interpretation from many sources. Any information given here is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a qualified doctor or therapist.

From an Agate to a Zircon

A comprensive Guide to ...


a mystical A to Z of stones


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RED JASPER ... Birthstone for Aries

HEALING ... Red Jasper can help those suffering from emotional problems by balancing the physical & emotional needs. A powerful healing stone that's invigorating.

Good for ... Kidney, bladder, said to be able to improve the sence of smell 


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ROSE QUARTZ ... Birthstone for Taurus

HEALING ... Can  help with migraine & headaches. Coupled with Hematite, can work wonders on aches & pains throughout the whole body.

Good For ... Spleen, kidneys & circulatory system. A well liked powerfulhealer. 


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BLACK ONYX ... Birthstone for Gemini

HEALING ... Instils calm & serinity; diminishes depresion. A protective stone worn in times of conflict, a student's friend as it encourages concentration.

Good For ... Bone marrow & the relief of stress. Protects against unwise decisions.


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MOTHER of PEARL ... Birthstone for Cancer

HEALING ... Calms the nerves, aptly dubbed the 'sea of tranquility', it creates physical harmony of a gentle but persuasive kind. Indicates treasure.

Good For ... Calcified joints & the digestive system, relaxes & sooths. 


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TIGER EYE ... Birthstone for Leo


HEALING ... 'The confidence stone' inspires brave but sensible behaviour with great insight & clearer perception. Fights hypochondria & psychosomatic diseases.

Good For ... Bladder, kidneys & liver, a stone that invigorates & energises.


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CARNELIAN ... Birthstone for Virgo


HEALING ... A very highly evolved healer. Brings joy, sociability & warmth. A good balancer, can help you to connect with your inner self. The 'friendly one'.

Good For ... Rheumatism, arthritis, depression, neuralgia; good for concentration. 


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GREEN AVENTURINE ... Birthstone for Libra


HEALING ... Acts as a general tonic on a physical level. If left in water overnight, it can be used to bathe the eyes, & similarly to treat skin irritations.

Good For ... Relieving anxiety & fears. A good luck stone, a lucky talsiman.


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RHODONITE ... Birthstone for Scorpio


HEALING ... Improves memory, calms the mind & reduces stress. Gives confidence & self-esteem. Cheers the depressed, preseves youth & retards ageing.

Good For ... Emotional trauma, mental breakdown, spleen, kidneys & heart.


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SODALITE ... Birthstone for Sagittarius


HEALING ... Imparts youth & freshness to its wearer. calms & clears the mind, enhancing communications & insight with the higher self. Brings joy & happiness.

Good For ... When coupled with Rhodonite it produces the 'Elixir of Life'


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OBSIDIAN SNOWFLAKE ... Birthstone for Capricorn


HEALING ... A powerful healer brings insight & understanding. Keeps energy well

grounded, clears subconscious blocks. A very lucky talisman.

Good For ... Eyesight, stomach & intestines, alleviates viral & bacterial infections.


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BLUE ONYX ... Birthstone for Aquarius


HEALING ... A super charger of energy. It can give a sense of courage & help to discover truth. Instils calm & serenity; diminishes depression, gives self-control.

Good For ... Stress, ear infections & often found in rosaries; it helps with devotion.


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AMETHYST ... Birthstone for Pisces.


HEALING ... The Bishop's stone, stone for healing, of peace, of love. St. Valentine implied it was one of the best gifts between lovers. Aids creative thinking, relieves insomnia.

Good For ... Blood pressure, fits, grief & insomnia. A powerful healer


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HEALING ... A very optimistic inspirer of courage & magnetism. It lifts gloominess & depression & when used in conjunction with Carnelian, can prevent fatigue.

Good For ... Blood, spleen & generally strengthens the body, helps with stress.


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HEALING ... Enlarges the 'aura' of everything near to it, and acts as a catalyst to increase the healing powers of other minerals. It holds a key role in all holistic practices.

Good For ... The mind & soul, strngthening, cleansing & protecting


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HEALING ... Thought to act as a lucky talisman when given by the groom to his bride. Claimed, in India, to promote long life and happiness. It soothes away stress and anxiety.

Good For ... Period pains and other kindred disorders. A powerful fertility stone.


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