ROSEWOOD GIFTS 'Themed Power Bracelets'
ROSEWOOD GIFTS'Themed Power Bracelets'

'An Alternative View on Crystal Healing' 130 pages crammed full of information. This book blows the lid off 'Crystal Healing' A powerful book that explains "what if it's not the Crystal but the belief in the Crystal." The effect stays the same but the knowledge of a different way of thinking opens up a whole new world of thinking and it's 'mind-blowing'.


This book covers over 20 years of all my experiences, including amazing details of how I became involved with Gemstones and Crystals including Crystal Healing. Be amazed and astonished by the super 'Natural powers' that are at work in everybody's life.


Just go to Amazon and type in my name Robert W Wood D.Hp for further details. You can either order for your 'Kindle' a copy or purchase a 'Print on Demand' copy anywhere in the world.  

'Change Your Life' the most powerful crystal on earth can be yours. a book so disarmingly simple to understand, yet with a tremendous depth of knowledge.


You can wish, hope, pray and worry yourself sick until you are a hundred years old but if you don't understand the 'Law of Right Thinking' you will always be like a ship at sea without stabilisers, just bobbing along, being knocked from pillar to post, having to take life as it comes, believing that nothing you can do can change it.


It's the same seas that everybody's travelling on in life; some find them calm whilst others find them stormy; we may not be able to change this, but we can change the way we travel. If given the choice, wouldn't you prefer to travel first class? with stabilisers. This book is all about how you can. 

'A Mystical A to Z of Stones' if you think Gemstones and Crystals are just lumps of rock, then you are in for a pleasant surprise; they are nature,s 'magical' little treasures and have been around for a very long time. According to quantum physics everything in the universe has an atomic structure and that includes gemstones and crystals. This energy is the most powerful known on earth; discover how to turn it to your advantage and how to use it.


This guide contains just about everything you would like to know about the energy, power and mysteries surrounding Gemstones and Crystals including Healing Crystals, Lucky Talismans and Birthstones. Discover how the story of  Aladdin and is lamp can explain how we know we are connected to a Gemstone or Crystal: It's so simple. 

'A Guide into The Mysteries surrounding Gemstones and Crystals' "The greatest 'Mystery' of them all is life itself, and we have been invited to experience it".


Using all available sources of knowledge including all the known religions, philosophy, psychology,science and the work of psychics and mystics, we are able to gain a unique insight into the mysteries. The discovering of light frequencies, energy waves, microwaves and quantum physics all have helped.


Crystal healing, Birthstones, Crystal Gazing, Lucky Talismans, Elixirs, Crystal Dowsing, Astrology, Rune Stones, Amulets and Rituals.

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