ROSEWOOD GIFTS 'Themed Power Bracelets'
ROSEWOOD GIFTS'Themed Power Bracelets'

'Astro' Power Bracelets.

My 'Astro' Power Bracelets are quite special because they incorporate each star signs 'Birthstone' plus, and quite uniquely, their opposite star signs lucky Talisman.


During my research I came across this 'Law of Polarity' and I wrote a guide book about it, a book that is sent out free with every 'Astro' Power Bracelet ordered. This 'Law of Polarity' states that everything has an opposite. In astrology it means that the opposite star sign becomes very important. That is, the meaning of one is enhanced by the knowledge of the other. 


If you imagine your star sign as representing you - the 'you' others can see - then your opposite is representative of your inner world a world others can't see, a world from within: your inner thoughts: a world only you can visit. Finally as we go through mid-life we 'flip' over to the opposite side and that's called 'The Law of Polarity' and it's so fascinating: there's much more in my book 'Astrology the Secret Code'


Please note:- All my bracelets are individually hand-crafted, my standard size is 7.25 inches. If your wrist is either smaller or larger please let me know when ordering and I will adjust the size accordingly.


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Dates: 21st March - 20th April ....

Birthstone Red Jasper

Lucky Talisman Green Aventurine 


Courageous, enthusiastic, independent, forthright and active energetic


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay


Dates: 21st April - 21st May

Birthstone ... Rose Quartz

Lucky Talisman ... Rhodonite


Sincere, reliable, faithful, solid & dependable


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay


Dates: 22nd May - 21st June

Birthstone ... Black Onyx

Lucky Talisman ... Sodalite


Humorous, communicative, witty, versatile


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay 


Dates: 22nd June - 22nd July

Birthstone ... Mother of Pearl

Lucky Talisman ... Obsidian Snowflake


Industrious, thrifty, loyal, sympathetic, sensitive and tenacious.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay

LEO ...

Dates: 23rd July - 23rd August

Birthstone ... Tiger Eye

Lucky Talisman ... Blue Onyx


Benevolent, hospitable, forgiving, affectionate, regal and magnanimous.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay


Dates: 24th August - 22nd September

Birthstone ... Carnelian

Lucky Talisman ... Amethyst


Painstaking, analytical, studious, considerate, discriminating.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay


Dates: 23rd September - 23rd October

Birthstone ... Green Aventurine

Lucky Talisman ... Red Jasper


Gracious, cheerful, charming, refined, diplomatic, impartial.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay


Dates: 24th October - 22nd November

Birthstone ... Rhodonite

Lucky Talisman ... Rose Quartz


Resourceful, decisive, penetrating, focused, persuasive and competitive.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay 


Dates: 23rd November - 21st December

Birthstone ... Sodalite

Lucky Talisman ... BlackOnyx


Frank, logical, kind, generous, optimistic and honest.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay


Dates: 22nd December - 20th January

Birthstone ... Obsidian Snowflake

Lucky Talisman ... Mother Of Pearl


Profound, patient, practical, efficient, ambitious and hard-working.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay 


Dates: 21st January - 19th February

Birthstone ... Blue Onyx

Lucky Talisman ... Tiger Eye


Humane, trustworthy, caring, intuitive, friendly and broad-minded.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay


Dates: 20th February - 20th March

Birthstone ... Amethyst

Lucky Talisman ... Carnelian


Unassuming, courteous, artistic, imaginative, gentle and lenient.


£14.00 plus a free Book & Bookmark on Ebay

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