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Born in 1948 in West Yorkshire, England. He was confirmed into the Church of England at the age of 38 and for many years he has been giving talks and displays on the mysteries surrounding Gemstones and Crystals, including, quite effectively, demonstrations on Crystal Healing with great results. Quite unique, don't you think: a committed Christian talking 'New Age' and the same person also a qualified 'Hypnotherapist'. This unique personal combination has brought about many books including - 'An Alternative View on Crystal Healing' - an emotive title, but if you heard Robert give one of his talks, you would realise just how electrifying his presentations are.


Robert W Wood D.Hp  ... Author



"If thinking is the rocket

Then believing is the propellant

If thinking is the birth of the desire, the dream, the wish, the hope

Then believing makes the connection to the

Power that can make it all happen".


Look at things not as they are, but as they could be.


You can accomplish almost anything if you 'believe' you can. I moved a mountain using this technique, I really did and the details are all in my book - An Alternative View on Crystal Healing ( available from Amazon either a Kindle version or in paperback).


We all have 'God-given' talents and abilities, if only we could learn how to use them. Keep an open mind ... for many Crystal Healing and believing works and as proved to be very beneficial, so discover for yourself if you can be one of those who can benefit.

Robert W Wood D.Hp 

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Robert W Wood D.Hp

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