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Robert W Wood D.Hp ... Public Speaker

Robert is the sole proprietor of Rosewood Gifts, a family run business specialising in, and explaining the many mysteries that surround Gemstones and Crystals. My aim is to de-mystify the mysteries and that includes giving talks, demonstrations and displays as well as writing and publishing books; also manufacturing various gifts, including 'Themed Power Bracelets' using only genuine Gemstones and Crystals.  

'Power for Life' a series of insperational books Robert W Wood D.Hp Author '

To discover more about my talks and displays just send for my free info pack. It's worth mentioning that all my talks are given freely, and there is NO FEE. However I do ask for a little towards my expenses. I also bring and offer a few gifts for sale and any sales can help towards my actual costs and expenses.

A Complilation of Twelve bestselling insperational books.

"A committed Christian talking 'New Age' and the same person also a qualified 'Hypnotherapist'. This unique personal combinationhas brought about this series of twelve great mini-books on Gemstones and Crystals. For the first time all twelve books are reprinted here in one volume offering a wealth of knowledge, insight and experience."


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Robert W Wood D.Hp - see all the positive feedback.

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